‘The War to End All Wars’

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2017-04-24

Tuesday 25th April. What is Anzac Day and why do we celebrate it?

Tuesday 25th April. What is Anzac Day and why do we celebrate it?

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

The Anzacs refer to the soldiers from Australia and New Zealand who fought in the first world war in 1914-1918. Australia still being newly federated had to establish a reputation in the international community and was automatically sided with the entente powers (including France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy and the US who entered the war in 1917). The legacy of the Anzacs started in 1915 during the expedition to capture the Gallipoli peninsula to capture the Danadelles (a strait that leads to the sea of Marmara in Turkey), meeting resistance from the Ottoman Turkish forces. Casualty rates were high, around 8000 had died in this battle. The conflict eventually resulted in a stalemate that lasted until the allies were evacuated.

Tuesday 25th of April will comprise of commemorative services held at dawn, minute silences as well as marches by former war veterans and service people. This day has national importance as we remember the fallen soldiers and reflect on the atrocities of the war. However, it is also a day to remember the comradeship displayed by the soldiers, the service peoples working tirelessly back at the home fronts to support the Anzacs and for the unification of people in virtue of peace, acceptance of difference and national pride and stability as we reflect on the past and contemplate the future.

Us here at Desired Living remember and recognise the sacrifices made.

Lest we forget.