Tips on how to Save Money

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2017-03-08

Want to learn some easy ways to save? Check out some handy tips to keep in mind.

With house prices increasing and unemployment rates remaining stagnant in its numbers, Aussie families are finding it more difficult to cope.

According to the Australian securities and investments commission (ASIC), a couple with children will spend on weekly average, $364 on housing, $224 no food and drinks, $67 on medical and health expenses, $220 on transport and $132 on recreation.

But there are at least 48% of us who are saving to buy a house with new furniture and appliances. Realising that saving a few notes or two every week will benefit in the long run.


So we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to helping you save some buck!

  1. Setting a saving goals – write it down, tell others, keep track of it using budget diary.
  2. Check spending leaks – where do you spend your most money in? Is there a way to reduce it?
  3. Reducing your vices – habitual coffee-drinker? Smoker? Gum-chewer?
  4. Consult the salesperson and inquire more in your purchase
  5. Look for quality but for a lower price
  6. Try lay-buy instead of credit
  7. Look for interest free products (check out Desired Living's customisable leather sofas where you can buy now and pay later!)
  8. Invest in products that yield a long term benefit for the family, for example, this Beatrix leather sofa lounge set

Some investment-worthy features include:

  • Solid Kiln treated timber frame
  • Chrome plated steel
  • Top grain cowhide leather 
  • High density foam for extra support