Care & Cleaning

  • Once every four calendar months, we recommend that you clean and condition your setting using a professional leather care kit. Most professional leather kits will have instructions provided within the kit itself. 
  • Never use any general purpose cleaners or cleaners designed for any other purpose.
  • Any liquid or food spills must be removed immediately using a soft, damp cloth or absorbent paper. Apply light pressure from outside the stain, cleaning towards the centre.
  • To clean further, a professional leather care kit can be used for the final touches.
  • When unwrapping and unpacking, do not use any sharp tools or instruments that could damage the leather or fabric.
  • The correct way to move your sofa is by lifting the sofa from the base at each end. Do not lift or drag it by the cushions which are sewn into the frame.
  • Do not sit, stand, jump on or climb on / over the armrests, backrests or display ledges. They are not designed to support a full body weight.
  • Prolonged exposure of the lounge to direct sunlight may cause the leather to fade or resulting in excessive drying and cracking
  • Ensure that every edge or component of the lounge is placed at least 60cm away from any electrical or heat source including gas and oil heaters. 
  • Never use abrasive cloths or solvents. Always use a professional leather care kit.
  • Following delivery you may notice creasing and / or slight compression on the padding of your lounge. As leather is a natural material, the occasional tick bite, stretch mark or creasing may appear which, is an expected result when buying genuine cowhide leather. Straight after delivery and on a regular basis thereafter it is necessary to model your lounge to ensure the padding and cushions return to its initial appearance.​