Summer Sofa Ideas

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2019-11-09

Summer is just around the corner, and with a new season comes a new way to have your room speak the summer vibes, see what sofas we recommend to speak summer!


Summer is right around the corner and what better excuse is there than to redecorate your entire interior design with the colourful, warm season! It’s time to throw out those dull looking winter colours and spice up your living room with a new sofa that will complement the warm summer vibes! Here is your chance to decorate your lifestyle starting with that beautiful piece of furniture you call your sofa. Experiment with a diverse range of vibrant colours and textures that suits your needs and vision of creating the perfect summer themed living space.


Renown Leather Sofa

For our recommended first sofa for the season is the Renown Leather Sofa Set. This beautiful lounge set is designed with a two-tone colour scheme, giving it a contemporary stylish effect! The white lines that strike in-between the vibrant yellow gives it a sophisticated look that enhances and complements the sofa’s original colour whilst being the centre of attention in your living area. Ideally if your living space has a clean white wall space with light surroundings, then this is the perfect sofa to complement your already beautiful set up. Not only is this a high-quality sofa, but an affordable one too! Starting at only $2, 699.00 you can pick yours up today! Simply visit:

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Renown Leather Sofa Lounge Set


Vienna-L Leather Sofa

Maybe if yellow isn’t quite your style you can opt for the beautiful striking red Vienna L leather Sofa! The Vienna L offers a modern classic design which features an adjustable head rest, imported top grain cow hide leather and a bookshelf located in the sidearm for a cleaner summer room! This beautiful sofa is the perfect gift for your living room as it complements any soft colours without detracting the attention from your room to one area. This sofa goes best with any white interior design to give your living room a sophisticated modern classy look. If you’re looking for a modern classic design that is red hot, then the Vienna L leather sofa is the perfect piece of furniture for you. Pick yours up today for only $2, 549.00 at:

Vienna - L -  Leather Sofa Lounge Set

Quinton Leather Sofa

So far from our list we have featured 2 leather sofa’s that showcase the beautiful summer vibes through their vibrant colours, but if making a statement isn’t your thing and you’d prefer the discrete classy look, then the Quinton leather sofa lounge set is something you should seriously consider. The Quinton is a designer sofa that uses the soft classy beige as its main colour with a deep velvet red on the accents of the sofa to give it a warm contemporary look that’s not too overbearing. This is the perfect sofa for someone who is a minimalist and likes to showcase their living room by highlighting the room itself rather than a specific furniture piece. The sofa blends in so well within its surrounding that it would be a perfect fit to those who have white to warm colours in their interior room space. For $3, 229.00 you can pick up the Quinton Leather Sofa at:

Quinton Leather Sofa Lounge Set