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The good and bad sides of leather

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2018-01-08

We want you to be as informed as possible about your purchase, which is why we here at Desired Living have made a list of the Pros and Cons (do no worry there are more Pros) of leather furniture.


As most things in life everything has its pros and cons. While having fast food in most cases is delicious it can also be considered unhealthy for you. In regards to leather, while we at Desired Living promise it has more benefits than things to be concerned about, we here at Desired Living want you to be highly aware of what you are buying in order for you to make an informed purchase.

Now leather is one of the most popular materials when it comes to furniture for several reasons. Here are some Pros and Cons to consider when thinking about buying leather furniture.


Say you have an Apollo leather sofa lounge set

in your living room, you would be pleased to know that its durability is high when compared to other material on furniture. It stands the test of time much better. As time progresses the colour does not fade as rapidly as other fabrics. And in fact as time goes on it becomes even more beautiful no matter the colour you choose. And Desired Living leather quality is superb, using only the best top grain cowhide leather.


One factor which you should take note off is that leather furniture can vulnerable to pets. Specifically those with claws. Particularly cats who have gained a reputation for scratching leather couches. So please take note of this and if you do have a cat or an animal likely to claw the leather, keep an eye on your lovely pet. But do take note that if the scratches are just surface scratches there are easy remedies to help fix the couch. Keep an eye out on our blog titled, 'How To Save The Couch'.


Leather sofas are not high maintenance like other materials used on sofas. With some wipes and a leather cleaner your leather sofa could last a life time. There is a reason your aunt always had the same leather couch you remember from your child hood. BECAUSE IT CAN LAST SO LONG! Not to mention if you spill a liquid on it, it is much easier to clean, with an absorbent cloth the scare is quickly ended to nothing.


You get what you pay for and that is why leather is in most cases just a tad bit more expensive. But believe us it is worth it.


It absorbs the heat much more quickly than other materials such as fabric, you know how your leather seat would get so hot when your car is out in the heat, well the same applies to leather furniture, ,it absorbs the heat quickly, which is why we recommend keeping it out of direct sun light from the windows.


A leather piece of furniture has a wide array of applicable colours that can be applied, but it also depends where you are buying it from. If you were buying it from us here at Desired Living you would have access to more than 40 colour pallets.


Appearance wise, leather is very much more elegant and has much more design appeal. A leather love seat would go nicely with a leather Coffee Table.


And there you have it, some listed details on the pros and cons of leather furniture, now whether it is a recliner or love seat we at Desired Living take leather furniture in high regard. We hop this has been informative for you and assist in your purchasing decision.

From your friends at Desired Living.