The Simpsons

Written By: admin Published In: Living with Desire Date: 2017-08-09

A classic cartoon sitcom of the event-filled family.

How old are the Simpsons now? After all it is a classic sitcom that I’m sure many people like you or your friends find themselves referencing at times. Just this year they became 30 Years Old after their initial screening. With countless episodes running the entire family cast remains intact. Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge and Maggie have gone through multiple go through wacky adventures, beginning each one with the iconic couch gag intro.  

Remember the ambitious band dance surrounding the couch, the evolution of Homer from a cell to a fully grown human, or even shattering like glass when they all attempt to sit on the couch. Some of these gags have come a long way and even in today’s standard have developed fantastically with the recent crossover of the current trending show Rick and Morty and the Simpsons Couch gag.

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