Desired Living: Why choose a recliner

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2019-10-14

The popularity for recliners has been on a steady rise for a while now, with more business’ purchasing bulk sets to average consumers buying single units for their own living rooms, there is no denying that this beautiful contemporary piece has found its way into the market. But what makes it so attractive? Why are they considered the epitome of comfort and functionality? Do they really cure your aching back? In this blog we’ll be tackling these questions head on and giving you our opinion on why recliners are taking over the furniture living space.

  1. Space

Anyone knows that one of the downsides of owning beautiful contemporary furniture is that it demands an excessive amount of space, with so many people residing in apartment complexes it’s difficult to own a 3 piece when space is already limited. This is where the first benefit of a recliner comes into play, the 1 seat design gives it a compact feeling as it can fit into any living space without taking an excessive amount of room providing you with unmatched comfort and entertainment. Can’t decide which recliner to choose? The Alison (B) from Desired Living is a wonderful choice for style, comfort and affordability. 


      2. Improved Posture

Back pain and sore muscles are a common trait experienced in our ageing population but are also prevalent in our youth due to bad back posture. Furthermore, our back and core muscles are constantly under strain from supporting our upper and lower bodies, the recliner can help by relieving the pressure on these points by reclining and elevating our feet. This effect results in our back muscles relaxing by taking the pressure away and allows our core muscles to breathe and relax.  Looking for a recliner to relax your overworking back? 


      3. Immersion

There’s a reason why premium services within the cinema industry such as XTREME and Gold Class use recliner chairs and that reason is that it delivers unmatchable comfort and immersion.  Being immersed in a movie can be the difference between enjoying a film or not, with the ability to recline your seat backwards and experience the movie in a tilted angle, the picture will be basically popping out of the screen in front of you almost as if you were right there! So put your feet up and recline that seat backwards with the Libson Leather Recliner Lounge Set which can be found at Desired Living! 


      4. Design and Functionality

The beauty of the recliner is that it is so versatile you can customise this modern beauty to your hearts content. Tired of placing your drinks at an unreachable length from your coffee table? No problem, just customise and install 1 or 2 cup holders on the armchairs of your recliners! Having a movie night party and in need of more seats? Easy, you can buy a bundle of identical recliners with the same added features and specifications as the original so everyone can watch in comfort and style!