Who's #1 on 2016 BRW's Rich List?

Written By: admin Published In: Customisable Furniture Date: 2016-05-27

Property Development is taking over the Mining Industry

According to the Financial Review, property developer Harry Triguboff tops the 2016 BRW Rich 200 list for the first time replacing mining billionaire Gina Rinehart. Mr Triguboff is the owner of the Meriton Group which came first with $10.62 billion wealth compared to Mrs Rinehart’s wealth of $6.06 billion.

With the rise in property development, are we expecting higher property prices? According to the QBE Australian Outlook Report 2015- 2018, property prices in NSW will start to drop in 2017. That’s a relief for people like me since Sydney House prices are ridiculously high at the moment.

With roughly around 23 million people in Australia, the likelihood of having 9 zeros in your bank account are quite rare. I could only dream of having such wealth however I do hope that that day will come. Don’t we all do?

Like many young individuals, I would love to own my own home one day in the future. With the ridiculously high property prices I would only hope that furnishing my home is affordable.

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