Written By: admin Published In: Customisable Furniture Date: 2016-07-20

Catch'em All at our Showroom!!


It's hard to walk around the streets of Sydney without hordes of men and women glued to their phones, swiping their fingers along their phone screen, frantically searching for their next catch. By catch, I don't mean swiping right on Tinder. These people are searching for Pokemon. 

The popular video game turned anime' TV show is a cultural icon. Ask any 90's kid about it, and they will more than likely go on a nostalgic ramble about which starter Pokemon they chose and the countless hours spent on their Gameboys. In an attempt to reach a new generation of Pokemon trainers, Nintendo in combination with app developer Niantic, have created the ground breaking free to play app, Pokemon Go. 

Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality mobile game. Using your loaction and your phones camera, it spawns Pokemon in your actual surroundings for you to catch, train and battle, encouraging users to travel the world around them. This app has allowed Pokemon to take the planet by storm yet again. It's exploded in popularity, even competiting with Twitter in terms of daily users.

It was only a matter of time before us at Desired Living got our hands on the game. In our down time at our showroom located in Chatswood, we couldnt help but see what Pokemon we could catch. 

To no one's surprise, our showrrom is quite a popular hangout for Pokemon. They must enjoy the unrivalled comfort and luxury of our leather lounge suites just like our numerous customers. Some of the Pokemon that were caught by our staff included a Clefairy, a Sandshrew, a Bellsprout, a Golbat (as pictured), and of course countless Doduos and Pidgeys. 

Whether you are an up and coming Pokemon trainer looking to complete your Pokedex, a person who is interested in a lounge suite to meet your every desire, or even a combination of both, journey down to our showroom at 61 Alleyne Street Chatswood with your friends and family this Saturday to meet our new Poke-friends who have called our showroom home.

And always remember.....

Gotta catch'em all!