4 Tips to achieving a Modern Look

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2017-03-01

Is your house or apartment feeling a bit plain? Check out these four simple tips that will immediately enhance your room and change the way everyone looks at it. 

Knowing how to style your house with furniture can create a whole new atmosphere to your living. Here at Desired Living, we aspire to provide you the highest quality custom-made furniture to suit your family’s needs, ensuring comfort and style. So whether you’ve just bought a new house, just moved into a new flat, or if you simply want a little change, here are some tips and tricks that all interior designers know:


1. Add a rug to warm up your room

Especially if the floors are tiles or hardwood, placing a rug can enliven the room. Try to go for warmer colours in the Winter and cooler colours for the Summer. 

A Winter example: Rugs & Carpets (E) - 20724_110


A Summer example: Rugs & Carpets (B) - BF010


2. Finding the appropriate positioning and size of your TV and TV Cabinet

Make sure that your TV is placed in a spot that does not reflect day light to avoid glares. Getting a modern flat screen TV that can be mounted on the wall fits incredibly well with cabinets that have a modern style to it. Style your house with the TV cabinet, model A. 

3. A matching sofa and coffee table

At Desired Living, we offer sofas and coffee tables that are readily customisable. A clean and modern pair will give off a more holistic look to your living room. Check out the Beatrix - 2sC - Leather Sofa Lounge Set. 


4. A stylish bedhead can add dimension to your room

The focus of a bedroom will be the bed, so make sure your bedhead makes a modern statement. Choosing the right bedhead can enhance a boring four walled room, like the leather bed, model 25. A comfy mattress will finish the contemporary feel.