Should I Buy A Leather Sofa?

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2023-08-24

Buying a lounge can be stressful, so many options and considerations, in this post we break down some of the questions to ask yourself if leather is what you are looking for. 

Should I Buy A Leather Sofa

The age-old question, what lounge material is best for me? Leather, Fabric, Velvet and so on. When it comes to real leather, its appeal has never faded, an always favourite material which screams elegance and sophistication it truly brings a sense of luxury to your living room.

However, there are a lot of things to know and consider.

  1. Will a leather sofa suit my living space?

No matter the living space if it be contemporary or traditional, the leather lounge will bring the same result, it will give your living space a sense of luxury. What can further assist with the aesthetic you are going for is the colour and finish you select for your leather lounge. For example, a dark gloss brown on a Chesterfield will be sure to bring the traditional vintage look to your living room.

  1. Is leather easy to maintain?

Real leather is by far easier to clean and maintain compared to other material options. Leather is ideal for families with children or pets. Spill something on the leather and a simple wipe will do the job. Dog brings dirt onto the sofa and a simple wipe will do the job. Now one element very important is the regular maintenance a real leather sofa needs. Much easier and simpler to maintain than fabric, however as leather is a natural material it is crucial you wipe the sofa clear of dirt and body oils as build ups of dirt and body oils can cause the leather to age faster or ruin the integrity of the leather if not maintained. We recommend a cold very lightly damp cloth to wipe the sofa while giving special attention to the headrest areas. For the extra level of protection you can use a leather cleaner, we recommend you buy these from furniture stores with cleaners dedicated to real leather.


  1. How do leather lounges stand the test of time?

As time passes by, the leather will begin to age naturally and beautifully. Patina will begin to develop as the natural aging and exposure to elements occurs. You can expect a physical change in not only the colour and texture but how it conforms to your body through its regular usage.


  1. Are leather lounges comfortable?

Now comfort, is subjective and what someone will find comfortable, another may not. However, its worth noting leather lounges are much more comfortable and conforming than you would think. Most lounges which use real leather are done with a soft texture while many do have a notable grain, it is treated to be used as a living room lounge. A common question is how is leather during summer and winter? Real leather adapts well to the body’s temperature as its porous and breaths well.


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