Invigorate Your Living Room

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2017-08-31

Confuse on how to decorate your living room? OR Seek for higher design quality sofa? Desired Living is your only option!

  • Classic style

Belly leather Sofa Lounge set is the solution your looking for those who like classic design. Enhanced to maximise your comfort, relaxation at house and in addition giving you new experience.

  • Semi Classic

Bipollo 3SC lounge set might be the answer for you who love semi classic style. Build with latest Italian design, and with high graded leather material and customizable with many different colours to invigorate your living room.


  • Modern style

Are you a home theatre person? But hard to design your own home theatre? Emma-3sc lounge is here to solve your problem. With excellent stylish Design and high-density foam to maximise your comfiness and home theatre experience. Customizable with wide range of colours to match with your style.