Find Your NYE Resolution

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2018-01-04

The new year is here and many hope to acheive their new years resolutions. Here at Desried Living we have proposed several ideas which you can find would be suitable NYE resolutions for you.

NYE at Desired Living

Now that NYE has just passed and we enter the New Year of 2018 many see New Year’s Eve as a door to new beginnings. Many close the doors of the past they do not agree with and many aspire to open them for their benefits. Whether it be something you want to achieve, gain or get rid of everyone is different. People call these New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone has at least one in a lifetime. Some achieve them, others do not. If you are unsure of what New Year’s Resolution you should have for yourself, do not stress, here at Desired Living we want to help you out. So here are some ideas for resolutions for your New Year of 2018.

1. Be healthy

Perhaps you feel as though you could have been just a tad healthier, perhaps you had a little too much junk food, and let’s be honest that large cheeseburger meal may taste great but it does wonders for your health and not in a good way, Your NYE resolution can be to cut down on the fast food, eat at home, take some time to prepare some healthy food before work to eat on your lunch break, or even just add some more vegetables to your plate, anything is a start and it is up to you. And even better it saves you money by not eating out, now we know that some may not have time to prepare meals, its busy times, but there are several healthy options that are not too heavy on the wallet.


Another option to be healthy is exercise, everybody needs to exercise, it’s a part of life, not doing any exercise whether it be a morning jog, squats or running to the shower because your sibling decided to have one the exact same time as you is not the best option. If your one who has never exercised let that be your NYE resolution, join the gym, go for morning walks and as time goes by and you begin doing more and more, trust us you will feel and see the difference.




2. Let go of the past holding you back

Perhaps you feel something not letting you be happy, perhaps you feel the weight of something pulling you back, like a chain you cannot break, Well it’s up to you to break said chain. Maybe you had a bad break up, you were sad that Little finger dies (be honest we are all happy that character is gone), an investment did not go the way you wanted it to or someone just got that last piece of cake. It’s up to you to move on to brighter things, be social, meet new people, take up a hobby do something you have always thought of doing but just have not gotten around to it. Take some time for you.3. Travel and explore

If you have the time and the means, then go for it! Life is short and there is so much out there to see and explore, now when we say travel it doesn’t have to be across the option, for all you know there can be something magnificent in the next city or perhaps there is a national park nearby that you have never been to. Explore different cultures, it can be by travelling overseas or going to China town, little Italy or a multicultural event such a world tasting festival.


4. Treat yourself

            You’ve worked hard in 2017, or you just feel the need for it, buy something for you and only you, you want that one thing you have always looked at in the shopping centre, is it jewellery, a home appliance or perhaps a 3-, 2-, 1- seater from Desired Living maybe some customer leather furniture while you’re at it, make your living room shout the word spectacular.

Well there you have it some NYE resolutions ideas. Now what you decide is up to you. But we would very much like to hear of them, tell us on Facebook, just #DesiredLiving.

From your friends at Desired Living.