Custom-make your Designer Leather Sofa Online!

Written By: admin Published In: Customisable Furniture Date: 2016-05-31

Everything is customisable! Everything is in your control!

At Desired Living, we offer a broad range of fully customisable leather and fabric sofas which are created to inspire you, and provide you and your family with everyday comforts. Whether you call it a sofa, a couch or a longue, this piece of furniture isn’t just “furniture”. It is the centrepiece of any room and therefore should reflect you. Finding the perfect sofa can be extremely difficult, so why not create one?

When people hear the word ‘customisation’ they often think expensive. But that is not the case at Desired Living. At Desired Living, we have a sofa for every budget. We specialise in customisation which means that everything is customisable! From colour to design to size to even firmness and dimensions. Everything is in your CONTROL!

But how? Using our simple and intuitive online platform ( There are three easy steps:

  1. Choose your style: from arm chair, sofa chaise, modular or recliner
  2. Choose your design: from more than 60 available design
  3. Choose your dimensions: determine the dimensions and your preferred number of seats
  4. Choose your colours: from more than 40 available colours
  5. Choose your firmness: from firm or soft and fluffy

Best of all – you can customise and purchase your sofa from the comfort of your living room! Because you can customise online on our website:

Simply click on the “customise button”. To see it in action view this:

Still a bit unsure? Call us now on (02) 9882 1981 or email [email protected]. You could also view our collection in our showroom: 61 Alleyne Street, Chatswood, Sydney NDW 2067