Desired Living: The guide to buy furniture

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2018-01-14

Buying furniture can be no easy task, all of the things to consier can be overwhelming, but not to worry,  we at Desired Living have your back. Here is our guide on how to buy furntiture. 


Buying furniture is no easy task, there are many moving parts and things one must consider when buying, and furniture, good quality furniture, does not come cheap. And take it from us you want good quality furniture which will last for a long time and looks appealing, after all you will most likely spend a lot of time on these pieces of furniture and when visitors come you will want to make a great impression.

Which is why we here at Desired Living want to guide you to your next piece of furniture purchase. Whether it be a recliner, loveseat or the Alison (B) Deluxe leather sofa set.

  1. Once you have picked your room, you must then measure the space you have, now what you must do is grab some form of accurate measurement. We must insist that you don’t rely on the simple ‘eye technique’ that being just measuring your eye, get some measuring tape and get the accurate measurements of how much space do you have. Considering the length and width of the furniture. Also be sure to bring the measurements with you when you visit a store.
  2. Now in terms of style and design, it is advised you gain furniture that matches other pieces of furniture, let’s say you have a piece of modern furniture and then buy a piece of Victorian furniture, this would not match and look a little odd from our point of view. But if that is your preference then by all means, we trust your taste. Also choose a furniture style that you want, it can be easy at times for a sales man to persuade you to buy something you want, that’s why it is always essential to buy what you prefer. If you ever happen to visit our showrooms, whether it be at Sydney or Melbourne, do not worry, we at Desired Living are dedicated and want nothing more than to ensure you make the right choice and buy what YOU want.


We must also point out that you consider why your buying the furniture, if it is for heavy use such as a family room and social calls use fabric or leather.


  1. Colour choice is also very important, always go to a store with at least a few colours in mind, some that match the room and or the rest of the furniture in the room. Keep in mind that some colours stand the test of time better than others. Did you know that at Desired Living we have more than 40 leather colour pallets to choose from?
  2. Quality differs where you buy from. Some factors to consider are if the furniture squeaks or makes an odd noise, it is generally bad quality. Price does not always determine quality.






And there you have it, some helpful tips of what to consider when buying furniture. We hope this has been informative for you.

From your friends at Desired Living have a wonderful day.