Why choose IDIA to create your dream space?

Written By: admin Published In: IDIA Date: 2016-04-08

My passion for interior design lead me to searching for ideas so I googled customised furniture and there’s no doubt that 529,000 results were found. With this in mind, why would you even choose IDIA?

We offer a variety of options:

IDIA offers a range of products for any space including your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen or outdoor area etc. Many customisable furniture retailers specialise in a particular area for example timber whereas IDIA provides a “one shop” spot for you to fully customise through interior design. Just as each piece of wood or leather is unique; your tastes and aspirations for home are also unique. With this in mind, we recognise that a large selection of materials and colours are a must to create your desired space.

Personalised Design:

Each interior design proposal that we create for you is one off and unique. We don’t just only consider your budget and the designs that you desire, we also recognise that not every space is identical therefore we take in mind the precise measurements of your space (width, height and depth). To make things easier for you we present your design to you on a floor plan with clear sketches of the final product and a mood board to propose palette of colours and style concepts.

We value a high level of customer service:

There is no doubt that customer service is important and crucial to IDIA. It is our goal as a whole to assist you from the beginning stage to the very end. Our interior design project involves 5 steps to make it simple and easy for you to follow along. We will keep in contact with you throughout the process and make sure you are satisfied with our design and service.

And lastly, we just want to create a sense of sentimentality:

A personalised space for home creates a sense of sentimentality, one in which you will enjoy collaborating with interior designers that understand your needs and wants. IDIA does not only focus on your design needs but also on your budget. We understand  that not everyone can afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on customised furniture therefore our furniture are set at prices that you are capable of purchasing. Besides all of the technical design process, IDIA just wants to create sentimental meaning and a story behind every piece of furniture.

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