Vivid Sydney Inspired Decor

Written By: admin Published In: IDIA Date: 2016-05-24

Be inspired by Vivid Sydney!

Vivid Sydney is an outdoor lighting festival that brings together art, technology and commerce. It will be held from 27th May till 18th June 2016. Since Vivid is upon us, we decided to focus on incorporating bright lights and colour into our everyday life.

Illuminated bright rooms

Incorporating colour into your room brightens up the atmosphere as well as makes your space appear larger. Consider using multiple lighting sources in the evening such as: Ambient, task and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting: Provides overall illumination in an area such as the living room. It includes chandeliers, ceiling or wall mounted fixtures etc.

Task lighting: Assists you to perform certain tasks such as reading, doing homework, cooking etc.

Accent lighting: Is used to highlight a particular area by creating visual interest such as an outdoor landscape, stone wall or texture of a brick etc.

Artificial lighting

Artificial lighting is featured in Vivid Sydney to create a vibrant and innovative space. Homeowners can incorporate artificial lighting to show off their architectural detailing and to create an unexpected connection of excitement as artificial lighting is not as common in residential design. Lighting sources such as Fluorescent and LED lights can be seen at Vivid Sydney.