Desired Living: The Chesterfield sofa

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2019-01-22

Here at Desired living, we pride ourselves on our high quality and attention to detail, here at Desired Living we sell a wide variety of Chesterfield models. But have you ever wondered where the design came from? Read on to learn a little about the history of the Chesterfield sofa.

  Desired Living: Chesterfield Sofa


With its luxurious leather, deep buttoning, high arms, low back classic style, the Chesterfield Sofa has become one of the world’s more recognisable pieces of furniture in the world. Its worldwide familiarity, makes the Chesterfield a classic piece of furniture sough-after for homeowners all over the world.


Who invented the Chesterfield Sofa?

It is believed that Lord Philip Stanhope, the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773), commissioned the first leather chesterfield with its distinctive buttoned, leather upholstery and from then on, the Chesterfield sofa began its own story.



Victorian Era

Early production of the Chesterfield Sofas saw practicality of design more favourable rather than the level of comfort it had to offer. However, the new century introduced a change in production. In the Victorian Era, society had begun to realise the comfortability of sofas and the luxury they pose. This was the point in time where modern features begun to be added. The deep-set buttoning, which now has become one of Chesterfields most hallmark features in the contemporary age of Chesterfields, were added in the Victorian Era. They were added for extra comfort and stability as the Early Chesterfield Sofas were filled with horsehairs and used tufting to make it stay in place. The coiled springs were not added until 1828.  When these two features were added, the comfortability of the Chesterfield Sofa increased significantly and became increasingly popular while being associated with luxury.



As their popularity increased, the Chesterfield Sofa was placed into many wealthy households. Many of the rich and wealthy owned sofa upholstered in luxurious velvet and leather to match the grand décor within their households. These two material are still very popular today and is often associated with the classic Chesterfield look. This became a trend for the higher society, therefore granted the increasingly popularity of the Chesterfield Sofas.



Sofa Empire

Wherever the British went, they would bring their furniture with them and this included the classic Chesterfield Sofa. It soon became a global style iconic sofa, all over the world including Canada, India and Australia.


The contemporary Chesterfield Sofa

Before, an item seen as so luxurious and lavish would only been owned by the wealthiest people. Now, the Chesterfield has a status that has transcended class while still remaining timeless, classical and iconic through its history. Throughout trend changes, the Chesterfield still remains classical, yet adapting to a variety of designs with traditional or modern décor.


The elite, classic piece can now be customised to suit the customers body contour as well as their needs and wants. Naturally, the Chesterfields that are sold at Desired Living, adds style and comfort to any area with the luxurious features, such as quality imported Top Grain Cow Hide Leather, solid legs and pocking coil springs. What once was a status and class symbol of the rich and powerful, is now one of the world’s most classical addition to a modern home or business. The Chesterfield is forever synonymous with the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.