Written By: admin Published In: Living with Desire Date: 2016-05-02

Lemons and lemonade appears to be making a comeback since Beyoncé released her newest album.

“Lemonade” has gained much hype and popularity nature of the album due to the nature of the album. It showcases her private everyday life – about her relationship as well as her views on empowerment and infidelity.

So the media quotes, “when life gives you lemon, make lemonades”. When faced with a bad situation, try to gain something positive out of it. Have a positive ‘can-do’ attitude despite the difficulties of life. Lemons, which suggest sourness and a symbol of life throwing potential adversity or misfortune, can also be made into lemonade, a vibrant, sweet drink and brings people back to the memories of childhood summers and the sweetness of life’s experiences. A symbol of optimism which encourages people to make light of any bad situations.

Is “Lemonade” now a symbol of pop at its sensational best? Are we being provided an insight into the ordinary lives and living of celebrities? The New Yorker calls Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”, a revelation of spirit….the “product of brutal tension: a woman who has been deified by the entire world and yet cannot secure the love of the person closest to her.”

What does that mean for us mere mortals, some of whom are besotted, intrigued, empathetic to Beyoncé’s artistic and naked reflections? What kinds of role model and message or empowerment can we pass on to our current generation and the future to come?