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Desired Living: The guide to traditional Feng Shui

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2019-03-11

Many people have tried to envoke Feng Shui into their contempory design but to do so one must understand its meaning, today we at Desired Living aim to inform you of its traditions for you to be able to envoke it into your living space.

Feng Shui: A Guide to decorating a balanced living room

Many people within Australia have embraced the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui without actually knowing its origins. The literal translation of Feng Shui from Chinese to English is Wind (Feng) Water (Shui). Looking at the literal translation of Feng Shui it is hard to understand how it has anything to do with the Qi the vital energy that flows through all human beings that we must balance to live a good and healthy life.  Though looking at Feng Shui’s origins it can be understood how the concept of Wind and Water came to play a central role in designing peoples lives.

In the earliest days of ancient China settlements were built in specific locations, generally within protective mountain folds that protected crops from harsh winds that were then irrigated via nurturing streams that came down from the mountains. As these types of settlements prospered, they grew into powerful city states that could enveloped their neighbours that didn’t adhere to the principles of wind and water.

This principle then developed alongside the Chinese philosophy of Ying and Yang which literally translate to push (Ying) and Pull (Yang). The Ying and Yang philosophy is the belief that Qi is everywhere and Is constantly rising and falling. The practice of Feng Shui is therefore is the how one organise their surroundings in order to ensure that their Qi’s is controlled in the right way so that their home, office etc. can provide you with a well-balanced environment.

How does one then practice the principle of Feng Shui in their living room to ensure that their Qi is aligned?

As the living room is the most important room in the house because it is where the family gathers. It also plays a central role in Feng Shui and QI.

Ensuring that positive energy flows through your living room there are a few things an individual can do.

There must be enough accommodation for not only your family buy additional guest as well. This may mean that some people may need to buy additional furniture like a  brand-new Italian leather recliner for guests.

You must also make sure the that the living room is comfortable with plenty of space to move around. In order to do this, you need to maintain pathways so that not only can people walk through out the room but so that positive energy can also flow through. Ensuring that this occurs can be rather difficult as every living room space is different. This difficult can be overcome by acquiring an affordable customisable sofa that can be formatted for your living space. That can assure that the energy in your living room flows correctly.   

The last requirement is to ensure that the room has the right colour in relation to the element that the living room has. Identifying the right elements requires the use of the Chinese compass the Bagua.

People have embarked on implementing Feng Shui into their living rooms due to many seeing it as trendy, without understanding its cultural and historical significance. However Through a understanding of how this belief originated and how to implement it into the living room. A person can ensure that they have a positive Qi flowing through their home, so that can live well balanced and fulfilling life.