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Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2018-08-10

At Desired Living we have a wide variety of rugs to match any interior, but what are the things to consider when buying a rug, read on to find out.



Deciding upon a new rug is not just a simple decision, as it can make or break the whole interior design of a room. In the right hands, a rug can be the ultimate style tool for improving the entire aesthetic appearance of a room as it anchors the room with your own sense of style and personality.

So, what are the essential steps for deciding upon a rug?

1.    Deciding on the size of the rug

Rugs tend to come in different sizes and shapes, so it is essential to accommodate the size of the rug to the layout of the room. Examine whether the rug is suitable for a single sofa, modular lounge or a combination of a two or three-seater. A general rule of thumb is to opt for a larger sized rug that allows the furniture to overlap slightly.

2.    Colour choices

Consideration of the key pieces of furniture within the room and the wall colour is an essential element in depicting the feel you want to create in that space. For instance, to create a more moody and dark atmosphere, try a rug that’s filled with deeper, more vibrant tones of texture. An excellent example of this would be the patterned design found in Desired Living of one of our many amazing rugs. Whereas if you intend to mitigate a more relaxing atmosphere, a muted palette choice is suitable for such a space. The use of a dark rug can create a more intimate feel whereas a pale rug can have a less imposing touch to it.   

When matching colours, the best way to do this is to examine the key colours of the furniture within the room whether it be your sofa, coffee table, cabinet or bed. If you choose to use a patterned rug like the 8588A it is essential that the furniture found within the room are neutral or solid coloured. Thus enhancing the unique qualities of the room to complement the rug used in unison with the desired furniture.

3. What’s your budget?

Depending on the size of a rug, the cost to purchase one can be quite expensive, but there are also lots of inexpensive rugs in the market. That can suit the interior of your room without breaking the bank. Luckily for you at Desired Living we offer a wide variety of alluring designs that are beautifully handcrafted to suit any living space. Prices can be found to be as low as $199 to $229 suitable for anyone who’s looking for a high-quality rug at an appropriate price.


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