Desired Living: The perks of a coffee table

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2018-07-27

The coffee table is a piece of furntiure which can compliment any sofa, every sofa has that matching coffee table, all coffee tables can have different functions and perks, here at Desired Living we have several amazing coffee table, and did you know that between August 1 and August 16 2018 you can get a free coffee table per sofa suite.


A living room without a coffee table is like a sky without rainbow or rainbow without its seven colours. Just rainbow gives beautiful, colourful look to the sky so too can perfect coffee table give beautiful look to your lounge room. Coffee table in the centre of the living room will draw the should be classy and stylish.

A coffee table is a place where one can find a bit of bliss, holding a mug and your favourite book or remote to entertain yourself.

Coffee table is not just for the coffee. Different coffee tables are going to have different functions. If you want a coffee table that you put your feet up on regularly, you may avoid element like glass top.

If you are looking for storage or want to keep your favourite books you can go with this design which has good storage capacity as well modern and elegant look. Desired living has good collection of Coffee tables which helps you to décor your living space.

This Coffee table is very versatile option that can serve many functions as well as fit in well with modern style of furniture. If you want fairly simple yet high quality item this is for you.


A space to cache your magazines or showcase your favourite vase, A space where you put your feet up and relax. coffee table gives strong influence and it’s an understated anchor or statement piece within your living room.                                                                                                                                            

Their enduring beauty is perfect for the living room. There are endless options for the coffee table like rectangle, round, tempered glass, curved leg, coffee table with storage so many…the question is which style is go with your lounge room. Coffee table is not only the lounge room attraction it is the beauty of outdoor furniture too. Wooden coffee table with chunky legs gives elegant look to your garden. While choosing furniture ensure that which size, material, shape you want for your coffee table. Speaking of material, coffee table can come in wide variety could be glass, metal which give your living room sophisticated look while oak, maple gives classy look and temper glass with chesterfield design gives stylish and suit to contemporary modern day living.

We personally like the ottoman design for the coffee table to compliment the chesterfield range which can be found at Desired Living which is budget friendly and has endless variety.

This coffee table at Desired Living has  uniquely design with a luxurious chesterfield pattern. It is the combination of modern and stylish look to your home.


From your friends at Desired Living.