Desired Living: Solving the myths of leather

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2018-07-06

People often ask us, is leather easy to clean? does it last? leather or farbic? The answers to these many times asked questions can be found in this article. Read on to learn more.

Myths of Leather


A major obstacle that many individuals face when purchasing new lounges, is Fabric or leather? There are many myths regarding leather and the upkeep of it, which ultimately deter people from buying it. But, look no further, today all these myths will be put to rest and you will leave here having the ability to make your decision, with an open mind.


Myth #1

Leather is uncomfortable

This is one of the most common myths, known to mankind. Many people assume that leather is an uncomfortable material, although little do they know that they have most likely had experience with fake leather. Fake leather is known not to become softer with age, and will continue to feel uncomfortable and hard. Real leather will feel smooth and authentic, it will soften with age and become more comfortable as the years go on and not be victim to losing the quality of appearance.


Myth #2

Leather is hard to maintain/clean

Leather is a highly durable material and can withstand through many different environments, although it is highly important to take adequate care of leather if you want it to last a lifetime. Cleaning leather needs to occur every 6-12 months, according to the instructions provided by your manufacturer, as different types of leather require different cleaning methods.


Myth #3

Leather is easily damaged

It’s bound to happen… so don’t stress when it does… SPILLS

Spills are the biggest fear for a leather lounge parent, although there is no need to stress. As soon as the spillage occurs dab it with a dry white cloth immediately to ensure the leather doesn’t absorb it, then proceed to let it air dry. Contact your manufacturer if you have any further concerns.



Myth #4

Leather doesn’t last long periods of time

Over time leather will soften and develop its own personality. It will maintain its elegance and be a representation of the life that it has lived. If you treat your leather right, clean it properly and use the right products, a leather lounge investment, is a lifetime investment. Note; Leather is sensitive to sunlight, thus ensure that you position your furniture to avoid direct sunlight, or protect it with a decorative throw, to add even more character to your room.


We hope this article has helped you put to rest some of the myths about leather.

From your friends at Desired Living.