Desired Living: The practicality of the corner sofa

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2018-04-30

Have you ever wondered about a corner sofa, and what it could offer? Desired Living can help you in finding out what is best for you. 

The most important aspect of a home is space. In any room, there is so much tension as to what we want to put in, how much and at what cost. With more apartments and homes being designed smaller, it is no surprise that corner sofas are starting to become popular to fit these special needs.

Corner sofas are also known as Modulars and are also good at providing additional seating that conventional sofas usually do not.

These are not the only pros of a corner sofa, there are also other reasons, which include:

Better Use of Space


As most homes are designed in rectangular or square orientation, it leaves four corners which sofas can be lined up for a wall. This means that there is a lot more central space, where you can make way for a possibly bigger TV or decoration piece to amaze your guests. Corner sofas also eliminates usually left in between traditional sofas, which in the end maximises space utility.


It is not just space that is given but also the number of people that you are able to place in a corner sofa. Traditional sofas are usually separated in 3,2 or 1 seaters, which is usually not ideal with homes that may not have the luxury of more space. It also helps that corner sofas provide a space for people to be a lot closer as well, which makes talking to your family members or guests are whole lot easier. The purpose of a sofa is for living, and part of living is making sure that you enjoy the special time with friends, guests or family.


Finally, corners sofas have a good level of flexibility in terms of size and design available. This means that corners sofas can be modified in ways to suit your living space, which can help you decide what is best for it. You should always make sure you consider the current space you have and from there make the purchase of a corner sofa.

A corner sofa can drastically change the way your room or living space looks, which combines with intelligent use of space that can affect the atmosphere of it. Corners sofas come in many kinds of materials, fabrics and designs, offering the ability to seat more people than usual sofas; and that too in the best way possible. Corners sofas should be on your list when shopping around for furniture.