Desired Living: Customising your sofa

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2019-05-24

Here at Desired Living, giving you choice is the name of the game, here you can choose over 150 models, several different materials and colours. Read on to understand how our advanced customisation system works

The two biggest struggles when looking for furniture are finding something that you really love, and having it fit properly in your living space. Have you ever found a sofa or a coffee table that matches your taste perfectly, but has too many seats? Or found a lounge with the right dimensions but with the wrong material? Well many people have been finding success with Desired Living’s custom-made furniture.


Your furniture is a part of your life that you see every day and represents a part of who you are. At Desired Living we understand how important it is to be surrounded by furniture that you love, and that is fitting for your living space. This post will show you how to customise properly and just how picky you can be with Desired Living’s custom-made furniture.


If you’re flexibil with your custom-made furniture, these are the main customisations you should be looking out for:
Starting with lounges, the number of seats and whether or not you include a chaise are the most important structural customisations you have to play with. Having a chaise adds a nice flow to your room and make the space feel more inclusive and keep in mind how many people you would like to seat to decide on the number of seats. Don’t worry about whether or not you will fill out your desired space, as all measurements of each seat and chaise are fully customisable with Desired Living’s custom-made furniture.

Next is your desired material and colour. These choices will determine the vibe and energy that your furniture offers. Loud and vibrant? Or sleek and minimalistic? Make a statement with your furniture. Desired Living’s custom-made furniture offers over 40 colours of premium leather to choose from, or the fabric of your choosing.
Coffee tables and TV cabinet’s round out your room and add a sense of completeness to your living space. To find the most success, use furniture as complimentary pieces to your lounge. You can do this by customising both colour and dimensions with Desired Living’s custom-made furniture.
Now that you know all the ins and outs of customising furniture, you can create a living space that’s unique to you, with a vibe and feeling you love. Well what are you waiting for? Start customising today!