Desired Living: pets and furntiure

Written By: admin Published In: ROOT Date: 2018-02-01

Pets are great are they not, they keep you company and give you their love. But, at times pets and furniture do not mix.

Pets and furniture…

A combination that can be sometimes troublesome but also has loopholes that can work for homeowners who want to keep their pets inside….


On average, Australian’s will spend an entire month on a sofa. This makes the living room one of the most popular spaces within a home, and with many opinions on whether animals should be let inside the home let alone on furniture it’s often a topic of debate for pet owners.

Whether your pets have long hair or short, or are meant to be hypoallergenic, there are certain criteria that you should look at when you want to introduce pets into the home and how to protect your furniture.


  1. Be patient

When you have a new pet whether it’s young or old, you need to be patient with them as they adjust to new surroundings. These animals are reacting on their natural behaviours and getting angry at them will slow down any connection that you are trying to build with them.


  1. Train your pet

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but for the most part false. Unless there is mental aging in your pet, there is nothing to stop you from training your new pet. The earlier you start training your pet, the better your odds are at keeping them off furniture to begin with.Using firm and simple commandments is the best way to reinforce good behaviours and it doesn’t hurt to give them a pat or a treat to associate it with positive connotations for your pet. It’s Pavlov’s theory of conditioning.



There’s nothing worse than finding pet hair everywhere, and especially when Summer is here, pets are shedding winter coats meaning pet hair is coming out in clumps. Making sure you brush your pet consistently will ensure that fur is not being lost throughout the house and sticking to your furniture. It also creates a bonding experience between owner and pet.


Get the right kind of furniture

Having a pet and furniture that is covered in fabric is a good way to be annoyed on a constant basis. Short of covering those types of furniture in plastic sheeting you’re guaranteed to get pet hair and stains on them. Having leather furniture is a good way to ensure that you can clean up pet fur and stains easily

Now let us say, your leather furniture gets a scracth from one of your pets, such as a cat for example, do not worry, those scratches can heal themselves or with a little leather kit which we do sell at a cheap price you will be fine and the crisis will be gone.


Here at Desired Living we understand that your pets are like family and we want to keep them close, but we also don’t want them to destroy your furniture. With Australia’s largest range of colours and with the ability to customise your sofa, Desired Living should be your first choice when it comes to leather furniture. Check our range of leather sofas like our Flink sofa or Beatrix chaise. If recliners are more your speed than check out our Leicester or Lisbon sets.