Underdogs Leicester City Wins!

Written By: admin Published In: Living with Desire Date: 2016-05-17

"One of the greatest achievement of this century"

One of the major sporting upsets of all time was Leicester City’s win at the Premier League. The Premier League is the world’s biggest sports league and most often it is the richest teams that win. Besides teams like Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, whose teams have huge cash flow and high international profile, no other team has ever come close. Especially a team like Leicester City.

It is first important to understand that Leicester City was not even a team directly under the top four.  They were recently promoted to Premier League and spent 140 days in last place. They had a 5,000 to 1 shot in winning the Premier League. They were the underdogs, which is why Premier League’s Chairman Richard Scudamore describes the win as “the biggest story we’ve ever had” in English Football. Additionally, Former Leicester Manager Martin O’Neill believes the event to be “the greatest achievement of this century”.

In December 2014, Leicester City was at the bottom of the table. However, in December 2015 they were in first place. From fighting relegation to completing and eventually winning the title, all in one year is unheard of. Furthermore, after Nigel Pearson’s dismissal, Claudio Ranieri was appointed as the team’s manager. It is important to note that Ranieri has lead 14 different clubs, yet has never won a top-level championship in any of them. Against all odds, Leicester City were able to lead the Premier League, which is why their win is described as one of the most unlikeliest and unpredicted event in the history of sports.

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