Know your Leather

Written By: admin Published In: Customisable Furniture Date: 2016-04-15

Our guide to finding your perfect leather sofa!

Desired Living sofas are made from top grain leather because we value luxury and the practical fact that top grain leather is resistant to stains and spills. As we all know, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, spills are bound to happen

Top grain leather is also durable and stronger than full grain leather and at Desired Living, we understand clients want a sofa that is value for money and lasts.

Top grain leather is our preferred choice of leather for your lounge.

Buying a piece of furniture is not just simply like buying a car. You need something that is affordable but with a touch of luxury that gets you from A to B, or in the case of a sofa, something that you can sit, lounge, laze, rest, relax, watch TV, maybe sleep on? (Although probably not recommended by your physio), after a long day’s work, or during the weekend spending time with your partner or kids. Leather furniture is an investment that will last for years and years on end.

For the ladies, it’s like owning your beautiful leather handbag that you enjoy running your fingers over the texture of top grain leather that exudes luxury and a tiny bit of extravagance (depending where you bought your handbag from??) which guys just don’t understand.

For the guys, it’s like having a car with 18 inch wheels that makes your car look great if you were looking at your car from behind (I know it doesn’t really make sense to us girls!) and having suspension of some sort but it’s just cool to know you have 18 inch wheels rather than the standard 16 inch which just doesn’t look right but practically just works.

Buying a sofa, which is the centrepiece of your home, where meals are eaten and tv is watched, and conversations are had, is about finding that bit of luxury with everyday comfort. It is about finding your perfect piece of furniture to suit your lifestyle and taste. So what are the different types of leather available? Why is top grain leather our choice of leather at Desired Living?

What are the different types of Leather?

Full Grain Leather: Full grain leather is a variation of top grain leather; it is mostly natural and not mechanically altered. Full grain leather is the most expensive type of leather because it is rare however it is the least resistant to stains.

Top Grain Leather: Top grain leather is leather from the uppermost layer of a hide. It is the highest quality part of the hide because it is the strong and durable.

Split Leather: Split leather is the layer removed from the bottom of the hide. It is the cheapest leather because it is usually quite fragile.

Is bonded leather actually real leather?

Bonded Leather is a term used for a man- made upholstery material made as a layered structure of a fibre or paper back. It gives an impression of leather as it is embossed with polyurethane coating. It is often used because it is a lot cheaper than natural leather.

It can get confusing at times when you’re trying to find the perfect piece of furniture but you’re not sure about whether a product is made from natural or man-made leather. Especially when there are alternatives like PU Leather, Pleather, Leatherette and PVC around but they’re not leather. This makes it difficult to shop around!

If you have ever seen a sofa or ottoman which looks like leather but has already split with foam showing, it’s most likely because it’s NOT genuine leather or top grain leather.

Don’t make the mistake of buying super cheap non-genuine leather sofas only to have to replace it in a really short timeframe. Buy top grain leather that feels both luxurious and lasts! Desired Living makes this piece of everyday luxury affordable for you

Tips for spotting faux and real leather:

 Look at the label: If it reads, “manmade materials,” the product is not real leather.

Touch the leather: Faux leather tends to stretch more than real leather as well as have a plastic feel to it.

Observe the pores: Yes you read it right! Faux leather will have pores that are in a consistent pattern, while real leather will have inconsistently place pores.

Examine the edges: Real leather tends to have the rough around the edges look while faux leather tends to have perfect looking edges.

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